Our Process



The best creative solutions occur when the challenge is best understood. How do we learn? 

We listen. We need to gain insight and knowledge of your company culture, your client objectives,

your audience demographics, and your desired outcomes. 


We can gain valuable insight from existing content and past strategies. The audit phase allows us to understand what has and has not been effective. Often, you don't need to reinvent the wheel, you simply need to breathe new life in an existing brand. The only way to accurately plan the right approach - is to fully understand the challenges and history.


Every company and project requires a unique strategy. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to marketing and design. We create a strategy scope and approach document that guides the creative path in the right direction with agreed-upon goals and desired outcomes...all while leaving room for collaboration, and creative enhancements along the way.


This is the part we really love - and where we truly shine. Our design process brings exceptional care and consideration to the totality of the brand image. It's imperative that the design reflects the culture and personality of the company. This is so much deeper than using the right logo and colors, it's about selecting imagery, tone, and messaging that evokes the right emotion and attitude.


Whether it's a brand campaign, a print campaign, an email program, an employee engagement initiative,
or a digital launch - the only way to measure your ROI is to test it. This could mean using a focus group, a peer group, or even a small social group to test messaging and effectiveness. Digital testing is also crucial
in user experience and user satisfaction.


The launch is where strategy and concept become reality. 

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Robert Bosch Tool Corporation

Childs Dreyfus Group

Emphasis HR


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Swift Smart Solutions